In the stillness of the mind I saw myself as I am – unbound.
~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Jnana-yoga is the way of knowledge. This knowledge is insight into the self, also known as self-knowledge. Not as mental knowledge but as a direct experience of what you really are.

Here is: knowing = being.

Here is only pure consciousness.

During Jnana-yoga you are repeatedly pointed to that what you are. The recognition of that which is always the case effortlessly. Also called the here and now. Now is, It is, what it is and here, you can not escape from.

Yet there is something that wants to withdraw because not everything there is, is desired. For this, (unconscious) flight habits have been learned to prevent that not everything that happens has to be experienced. This conditioning determines our limits (living in a box).

When an escape habit comes into effect it gives inner friction and even suffering. This is because we have limited ourselves.

Inner friction always refers to an obstacle (contraction) which prevent us from being completely ourselves.

By going back again and again to that effortless, choiceless awareness. What is unconscious becomes conscious and this dissolves conditioning.

This widen the conscious part of consciousness and the following qualities will grow:: Silent mind, Selfless, Timeless, Effortless and Richness.

The Jnani calls this Sit Sat Ananda, The Blissful Awareness Of Being.

Nataraj calls this Tandava. Tandava is the Cosmic Dance. It is emptiness dancing as all forms.